Rovel, the fluids, gas and steam interception valves

ROVEL: valves and  actuators have been used for decades to improve the production plants performances in all the industrial fields.

A range of automatic valves used in fluids interception and regulation in the production plants boasting unique structural characteristics in terms of quality of used materials and manufacturing characteristics. ROVEL, the excellence in valves production and declared performance.


Application fields

During more than 40 years of activity dedicated to valves production made for fluids interception and regulation, ROVEL has supplied products for any type of industrial and not industrial plants.
These are just a few of the fields in which the presence of ROVEL VALVES is more spread, but the applications in each part of the world are really many.

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We manufacture our valves in a flexible and dynamic way in order to create the condition to be in compliance in terms of quality. We work in order to reach targets.