ROVEL, quality valves for industrial applications.

Gate single or double acting valves, shutter valves, pneumatic or manual actionized dosing pumps for any type of application in the industrial plants.

ROVEL da during the last few decades, has been standing  for valves for fluids interception and the trademark is well known all over the world and used for applications in different industrial sectors.

Essential mechanical components, ROVEL valves intercept or regulate the flow of liquids or gas in order to guarantee pressure or flow rate specific values. Excellent performances also with low working pressure because they request a minimum pressure differential in order to work correctly in opening and closing without electrical feeding. They probably represent the most economical and functional solutions in fluids interception and regulation.

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ROVEL valves advantages

  • Compact design
  • considerable flow rates
  • For room temperatures range from 0 °C to180 °C
  • Working pressures from 4 to 10 bar
  • Indicator safety hole showing the possible damaging of sealing gaskets
  • Fittings for every installation position
  • Gaskets easily replaceable by proper kits and in any case after a high drive numbers
  • Assembly exclusively made inside the company for  total control
  • Every model, after being assembled, is individually tested and market by a barcode system before shipment to assure the product tracking.

Parameters to be considered to identify  the most suitable valve

One valve for every requirement; one valve for every type of plant. But, how to make the choice?

Following are a few elements to be considered:

  • Type of fluid to intercept (liquid, gas, steam, air)
  • Fluid characteristics (lubricant, dry, containing abrasive, calcareous, flying, containing solid particles and so on)
  • Fluid compatibility in contact with the valve constructive components
  • Type of version (single or double acting, normally closed or normally open)
    Double acting DE: opens and closes by air
    Normally closed NC: opens by air, closes by spring
    Normally open NA: closes by air, opens by spring
  • Valve size
  • Connection type (90°ANGLE FLAT SHUTTER VALVE)
  • Minimum and maximum actuator pressure
  • Working temperature and type of ambiance in which the plant is present

Where ROVEL gate, shutter valves and dosing pumps are used:

  • in metal degreasing plants
  • in dry cleaning plants
  • in vacuum technology
  • in depuration systems
  • in torrefaction
  • heating plants
  • feeding equipment in zootechnic
  • packaging industry
  • food industry (food and beverage)
  • in fire protection systems in shipbuilding industry
  • in pharmaceutical industry
  • in beverage industry
  • in installations in general

In particular, we draw your attention on:

Water treatment

Reliability, safety and duration, also in presence of rather high pressures and temperatures. These the requirements for the waters used in industrial processes, also containing certain chemical substances of average aggressivity but without particular solid suspended particles.

Plants for such kind of applications are used in many agrifood, industrial and urban sectors. We are talking about complex plants which because of their importance require sophisticated technologies but also components reliability. ROVEL valves that are suitable for this kind of plants come, for instance, with a safety hole that signals the possible damaging of the sealing gaskets that separate the actuator from the intercepted liquid.

Food sector

For a sector characterized by strict regulations in which sanitation and disinfestation processes are indispensable, it is required the use of valves complete with shafts and actuators made in stainless steel for the control of alimentary fluids.  90° or 45° shutter valves series VAMOS INOX or VATLU INOX or VILP INOX in which all the materials in contact with the product are suitable for this application field.

Metal degreasing plants

In metal degreasing industrial process organic contaminants such as oils, grease and inorganic parts like chips and dusts are removed. The circuits reliability, the working pressures maintenance in the different phases combinations and the constant functionality are of utmost importance to achieve production goals. Every device, valves included, is crucial for proper functioning. ROVEL valves fully satisfy the technical requirements needed by such types of plants.