Airlogic dosing pumps By Officine Parenti

Pneumatically actioned pump designed to dose fluids from a tank to another.

This AIRLOGIC By Officine Meccaniche Parenti dosing pump is designed to dose fluids (compatible with the pump material) from one tank to another. It comes with a adjustment knob with relevant graduated scale from 0 to 150 ml, in order to determinate the quantity to be dispensed for each actioning.

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Techical characteristics (see materials compatibility with respect to the chemical substances)
Threading: GAS cylindrical 55° UNI- ISO 228 M5
Working temperature range: from  0 °C to 50 °C max
Pump pressure working range: min. 4 bar, max. 10 bar
Pump actioning: double acting
Pump material: Delrin, Aluminum, Brass
Adjustable capacity: from  0 to 150 ml max
Shaft material: Stainless steel AISI 303
Materials in contact with the product: 
Delrin, Viton, brass

Pneumatic connection
Connect the suction pneumatic pipe to the hole named P
Connect the delivery pipe to the unnamed hole

Connection on bidirectional valve
To connect the pump to the tank we advise to use a VB ¼” bidirectional valve (optional, part number V190001UF) Connect the valve to the pump by the use of nipples 1/4" on A
Connect the suction pipe on P
Connect the delivery pipe on R
Pack the threadings with liquid or use gaskets to avoid excessive stress on the threadings when closing.
Before starting the equipment please carry out some trials to fill in the dosing pump and the pipes.

Checks to be carried out
Check the efficiency of the O-Ring each 3000/4000 operations, if necessary, proceeded to replace them. Be sure the pneumatic part is lubricated by the system.
-    Bidirectional valve (optional)