Shutter valves

A series of valves, actuators , shutter or lubricated valves studied to intercept fluids or gas compatible with the valve material, containing also dust because they use rubber gaskets that assure sealing.

ROVEL shutter valves by Officine Meccaniche Parenti srl are mechanic components  used to intercept, not regulate, fluids. This series is available in the versions normally closed N.C. or normally open N.O., with valve body in different materials and different pressures and flow rates.

Some models come with a knob for a possible manual acting, signaling also an "open or close" status. Other models instead have an opening that signals the "Open or Closed" status. The installation is advised where a minimum dripping is accepted. The body valve houses the mechanisms for the fluid obstruction. It is allowed the usage also as solenoid. In order to work correctly they require a minimum pressure differential (opening and closing without electric feeding). Excellent performances also in presence of low working pressure.

Technical characteristics common to all the valves models of this series
Safety hole: it signals the damaging over time of the sealing gaskets that separate the actuator from the intercepted fluid.
Shutter type: flat shutter
Threadings: GAS cylindrical 55° UNI-ISO 228
Room temperature range: Min. 0° C, Max 180 °C
Actuator working pressure range: Min. 5 bar, Max. 10 bar