Ball valve

Double acting pneumatic actuator valve

This valve is used where it is needed to intercept fluids or gas. The ball valve is the most common and used device used to intercept a flow in the hydraulic plumbing. The operation is based on the 90° rotation of a spherical shutter with cylindrical cavity coaxial to the flow. The valve allows: closing-opening-flow reduction.

It comes with a knob signaling the “open, closed” status.

The valve can be used for several purposes provided compatibility with the “Materials in contact with the product”  (see technical characteristics).

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Techical characteristics   ( see materials compatibility with respect to the chemical substances)
Working temperature range: from  -15 °C to + 80 °C max
Working pressure range: max 10 bar
Actuator: double acting 
Body valve material:  AISI 316
Size range: 14-800 Nm
Cylinder  material: Aluminum 
Materials in contact with the product:
AISI 316, PTFE, Aluminum.