90° flat shutter valve for angular connection without elbows

This valve is used to intercept fluids or gas with a 90° angular connection in the piping without elbows.

This valve comes with a knob for a possible manual acting, signaling the “open/close” status

The valve can be used for several purposes provided compatibility with the “Materials in contact with the product”  (see technical characteristics)

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Techical characteristics   (( see materials compatibility with respect to the chemical substances)
Shutter type
: conical housing
Threadings: GAS cylindrical 55° UNI- ISO 228
Working temperature range: from  0 °C a 70 °C max
Working pressure range: min 5, max 10 bar
Actuator: single acting normally closed
Body valve material: nickel plated brass OT-58- nickel plated Aluminum 2011
Shutter material: brass OT-58
Cylinder  material: Nevimid 66 A H black 
Materials in contact with the product:
Brass OT-58 , Nevimid 66 A H black, AISI 3030, Viton, nickel plated Brass OT-58 , nickel plated Aluminum 2011.

Tips for installation
To make installation easier remove the actuator and connect the valve body on piping with external threadings. Screw the actuator making sure to insert the O-Ring and manually close or do not exceed the 8Nm closing.
Try not to place the valve with the knob downwards to help solid residuals stagnation. Every 3000/4000 operations check the efficiency of the O-rings through the safety hole.
Make sure the valve is lubricated by the pneumatic plant.