Valve used to recovery or give vent to air in a tank

This valve finds its application when a tank has to be filled or emptied of its liquid, allowing the exit of its internal air, independently from the specific weight of the fluid inside the tank.

The difference of the volumetric capacity between sucking and delivery of the tank has to be over 2 liters per minute.

The valve can be used for several purposes provided compatibility with the “Materials in contact with the product”  (see technical characteristics).

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Techical characteristics ( see materials compatibility with respect to the chemical substances)
Threadings: GAS cylindrical 55° UNI- ISO 228
Working temperature range: from  0 °C to 50 °C max
Working pressure range: max 6 bar
Body valve material: PA66
Shutter material: nylon
Materials in contact with the product:
PA66, nylon

Tips for installation
The valve has to be positioned on top of the tank. Screw the valve into pipes with external threadings and pack it hermetically. Do not dismount the valve.