Angle flat shutter valve for steam interception made in stainless steel

This valve can be used to intercept steam compatible with the valve manufacturing materials (see technical characteristics).
It comes with a position visual indicator.

Ideal application in the alimentary, sanitary, environmental sectors, for filtration systems, water treatment, sterilization and purification plants.

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Techical characteristics (see materials compatibility with respect to the chemical substances)
Shutter type: flat shutter
Threading: GAS cylindrical 55° UNI- ISO 228
Room temperature range:  from -10 °C to 180 °C max
Actuator working pressure range:  min. 3 bar, max. 8 bar
Actuator: single acting normally closed NC 
Cylinder material: Stainless steel AISI 303
Shaft material: Acciaio inox AISI 303
Valve body material: Stainless steel AISI 303
Shutter material:  P.T.F.E.
Materials in contact with the product:
AISI 303, P.T.F.E.

Tips for installation
We advise to pack the threadings with liquid packing or to use gaskets to avoid an excessive stress on the threadings when closing. Make sure the valve is lubricated by the pneumatic system.