For Officine Parenti quality is a compulsory characteristic.

We manufacture our valves in a flexible and dynamic way in order to create the condition  to be in compliance in terms of quality. We work in order to reach targets.

For manufacturers nowadays the word quality has become a compulsory Company passage. In order to be inside the market quality must be granted, not only with reference to products, but also in terms of service supplied and in every aspect of daily work.

To be chosen and appreciated by Customers you have to excel in efficiency, as well as in quality, price, reliability of items supplied and performances. Officine Meccaniche Parenti wants to offer products that:

  • are in compliance with the specifications declared in the respective characteristics
  • fully meet with Customers requests
  • are supplied respecting agreed delivery terms
  • are supplied at competitive prices proportioned to their real characteristics
  • comply with the requirements requested by the law and by present regulations.

Our Technical Department regularly carries out, following defined procedures, quality control on the components, materials, processing and assembly during mounting phases, included the final check for technical conformity.


Officine Meccaniche Parenti srl Quality policy
Here is, pint by point, our vision for Quality:

  • Quality means respect of the specifications declared or agreed with the customer.
  • Quality means operating in such condition to guarantee company continuity and lasting relationships with customers.
  • Within the Company everybody must commit and collaborate to identify and solve possible problems related to quality.
  • Rovel services and products quality must be continuously measured.
  • It is necessary to prevent problems rather than solve them later.
  • All the company components must work, within their own functions, aiming at a continuous improvement, also by proposals and suggestions.
  • The personnel training is an essential element for the company improvement.

ROVEL wants to be a reference point for our Customers and a reliable partner. Our policy for quality proves this goal.