Rovel, the fluids, gas and steam interception valves

Design and production of valves, actuators for fluids, gas and steam. An experience with far away roots.

ROVEL was born in 1973 from the experience of the previous owner in the various companies  manufacturing dry cleaning plants. With ROVEL registered mark, the design and the production of a series of valves and actuators starts. The range has been enlarged up to the present catalogue configuration.

Rovel valves, actuators, dosing pumps have found application in a number of sectors contributing to improve the performance of the plants in which they are installed, among which:

  • metal degreasing plants
  • dry cleaning plants
  • vacuum technology
  • depuration systems
  • torrefaction
  • feeding equipments in zootechnic

Machining quality has always represented Rovel Valves success secret. Machining exclusively entrusted to companies selected among the most qualified and expert in the precision mechanic area. This, and the careful control of the managing, production and technical processes have enabled Rovel to guarantee items with the best quality/price ratio.

In July 2016 Rovel Company, solely for generational transition need, was taken over by Officine Meccaniche Parenti srl, a Company leader in the design and production of complex filtration systems and plants. A Company leader in the trading and sale of a massive range of spare parts and accessories for the whole sector of dry cleaning and ironing machines.

The acquisition has seen a further acceleration of growth in terms of sales, range and market positioning, also through a rational production reorganization.

The positive effects coming from the new Company structure have increased the market demand so that today Rovel valves,   actuators and dosing pumps by Officine Meccaniche Parenti srl are requested and distributed in Italy as well as abroad (Germany, United Kingdom, France, United States, Latin America and Japan).