Officine Parenti, the liquids filtration and regulation

Officine Parenti and Rovel, professional manufacturers. Professional researchers. Designer and direct manufacturers of liquid filtration systems, components and spare parts for dry cleaning and ironing sectors.

Officine Meccaniche Parenti, thanks to a consolidated technical experience and tradition in filtration and in production and supply of components for dry cleaning machines, has been developing special products, projects and systems for a number of industrial sectors.

Technical expertise, professionalism  and commercial  soundness, the company, also thanks to exclusive patents, has reached an important position in the filtration world boasting innovative ideas using exclusively internal production processes, reliable collaborators,  a specialized supply chain well-established by long lasting professional relationships and a rigid testing system and quality control. 

During more than 20 years of activity, Officine Meccaniche Parenti has been able to develop an evolutionary technical project thanks to which Officine Parenti can now collaborate in exclusive ways with companies belonging to most part of industrial fields:

  • mechanical
  • metallurgic
  • chemical
  • agricultural
  • food processing
  • textile
  • manufacturing
  • civil
  • others…

With super specialized products and hi-tech, joining study groups and innovation networks for Officine Parenti the export doors opened wide contributing to further consolidate the market positioning also thanks to other Companies acquisition, as with in specific, Rovel Company.